Why the Family Farm Resource?

The Family Farm Resource began because of conversations I had with neighboring farmers and small business owners. Many of them are part of the Plain Community (Amish and Mennonite) and were searching for answers to the challenges they have in maintaining their lifestyle. Here in Pennsylvania Dutch Country we grow high quality produce, beef, pork, poultry, and dairy products, but we do not always have an efficient and effective way of marketing these products.

This is where The Family Farm Resource comes in. My goal is to connect the dots and make it easier for Farm Markets, Stores and Restaurants to find and purchase quality, unique products.

The 2021 Buyer’s Guide features food and craft products mainly from Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties. The printed catalog, as well as the online version, is being distributed to potential buyers within a 150-mile radius of Lancaster, Pa. This will include New York City, New Jersey, Delaware, and Greater D.C.

So, in the end there are three winners:

1. Family Farms

Family farms win because more customers for them means added income and helps them to keep the farm and their lifestyle.

2. Markets & Stores

Markets and stores win because they can now find easy access to unique, quality items.

3. My staff and I

My staff and I win because we get to work on this project, which is something we absolutely love doing.

Galen Martin

Galen Martin
The Family Farm Resource

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How do I advertise in The Family Farm Resource 2021 Buyer's Guide

The easiest way to begin is to fill out the ad application on this page and submit it. At that point, Galen will get in touch with you to discuss pricing and design options. Or, if you would like, you can call Galen directly at (717) 481-0409.

What are my ad options?

The following ad sizes are available to purchase:

  • Full Page:  7.375″(w) x 9.75″(h)
  • Half Page:
    • Horizontal:  7.375″(w) x 4.75″(h)
    • Vertical:  3.563″(w) x 9.75″(h)
  • Quarter Page:  3.563″(w) x 4.75″(h)
  • Eighth Page:  3.563(w) x 2.25″(h)

In addition, you have the option of either a full color or black & white ad.

For pricing information and design options, please fill out the ad application below or call Galen at (717) 481-0409.

Who will see The Family Farm Resource 2021 Buyer's Guide?

The Buyer’s Guide will be printed and distributed to venues that would be interested in purchasing products from small, family farms in a 150-mile radius of Lancaster, Pa. This will include New York City, New Jersey, Delaware, and Greater D.C.

Will my ad display anywhere else besides the print edition of the Buyer's Guide?

Yes! Your ad will also be displayed in our online directory on this website. We will display your print ad as well as provide your contact information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format for the web.

Who publishes The Family Farm Resource?

Breakthrough Marketing (BreakthroughImage.com) operated by Galen Martin out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Ad Application

  • This include logo files, images, and anything else you would like included on your ad
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