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Cedar Meadow Farm


Better Soil. Better Oil

Single-farm sourced Hemp Oil Extract

Cedar Meadow Farm is a 200 acre farm in Lancaster County, PA. This farm boasts some of the healthiest soil in the world thanks to the 25+ year research-based farming of Steve Groff, who has educated both locally and around the world about regenerative agriculture practices.

Steve’s vertically-integrated operation provided oil extracted from hemp grown directly in that nutrient-rich soil. Having seen the impact of this kind of “better-than-organic” farming in Steve’s crops, we’re excited to introduce this new line of CBD products.

Ask about our full line:

  • Classic Natural-flavored
  • Wintergreen THC-Free
  • Bacon & Tuna flavored for pets
  • Peppermint oil for equine
  • Small-batch homemade equine brownies

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