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Premium Artisanal Cheese Made in Lancaster County, PA

What does it take to consistently produce a premium, high quality cheese?…Lots of experience, dedication and high quality milk!

It all starts with the milk…Our milk comes from small, family-oriented dairy farms – not large factory farms. Good forages, lots of fresh water to drink, roomy stalls with mattresses, and a facility with fans and lots of fresh air are important ways of keeping our cow herds happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Next, this high quality, fresh, whole milk is quickly and safely transferred to our cheese-maker for immediate cheese processing.* The experience and dedication of our cheese-maker shines! Our 2nd and 3rd generation cheese-makers have been making cheese for many years. They have mastered the art of cheddar cheese processing, winning first and second place ribbons at the 2020 PA Farm Show.

Each of our artisan cheeses are made with all natural flavors – no artificial ingredients. The cheese is pressed and hand-packed, then aged for a minimum of 60 days. Finally, it is cut, packaged, and distributed.

Try some – You Won’t Be Disappointed!

*Our cheese-making facility and all of our farms operate in strict compliance with PA Department of Agriculture Inspections.

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959 Georgetown Rd. Paradise, PA 17562

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